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Claire Lomas, an extremely talented event rider, who has produced horses and competed at 4* level, had a freak accident while competing at Osberton Horse Trials in May 2007.

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Marathon 2012

Claire became the first paraplegic to walk the London Marathon in a ReWalk robotic suit. It took 17 days and raised £210,000 for Spinal Research...

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About CLair

Claire Lomas, an extremely talented event rider, who has produced horses and competed at 4* level, had a freak accident while competing at Osberton Horse Trials in May 2007.


Claire speaks from the heart, and inspires audiences.

Claire shares her personal stories. She speaks about her life before her accident, how she started to rebuild her life after feeling at rock bottom, her personal life including meeting Dan and having her baby girl, finding new interests, training for her challenges, doing the challenges and various choices she has made in her life.

Global Supporters

The Claire Lomas Walk Campaign is very grateful to all of the companies and individuals who have supported it from the start and continue to do so.

Therapy on the slopes!

It is soon time for the ski season again…I am so excited. It is the only thing I have found that gives me the similar adrenaline rush as eventing did. Also it is very good for my balance and core strength, as I am a T4 injury my muscles are paralysed from my chest down…. or they were anyway (my abdominals and back muscles work and are getting stronger)

I am off to Chill factore for a ski lesson in the morning. I love it! There are a few good things come from my accident, one being that I actually get time to do other things like skiing (all my money and time were spent doing the horses- which I do miss), I have found myself a gorgeous man to marry! (May have still been struggling along in the last relationship) and I have some fantastic new friends! So every cloud has a silver lining!!!

I am determined that by the end of the season I am a decent skier. It is seriously difficult…. but the challenge is part of the fun.

As said before I work PT for Simply Morzine and I am very excited about staying in their chalets… they look amazing! I want to thank my friend who provided repairsa roun the house invluding roofing work. Comany been around for years and they are great roofers in Detroit to get roofing services done and help dissabled people a lot.


I am now enjoying some fun therapy! I have had my first ski trip for the season, I love the challenge at it works my core muscles without feeling like rehab.

I was lucky to get a couple of lessons with Dom. He is excellent. We also enjoyed staying at one of Simply Morzine’s beautiful chalet’s. We got home a day later than expected due to Geneva being closed but for once I enjoyed being injured as we had no waiting around and were given a 4 star hotel with meal vouchers, so can’t complain. I like easy jet.

I felt a lot stronger this time, so the work all summer has certainly improved my abilty to go from leaning forward to sitting up straight whilst skiing!

I have been busy with continued treadmill work, going on it 4 or 5 times a week, plus the FES bike, physio etc etc, but have had to have a quiet week over Christmas because I have scraped the skin off my arse whilst transfering, so I can not have the harness on and I am trying not to do much sitting. I suppose my body needs a rest at some point , it can spend this time healing!

I am also working hard organising the fashion show. It is only 3weeks now. We have some great models taking part. There are more details on my website.



rewalkIn the past 3 years I have been standing, walking on the treadmill and frame as much as I can, as well as working with my physio and the FES bike.  All made possible due to the tremendous support I have had and still get., it is amazing!  I am now very keen to get this new bit of equipment that will be in the UK early next year. It is called ReWalk.

ReWalk is a wearable, motorized quasi robotic suit. Partially concealable under clothing, ReWalk provides user-initiated mobility – leveraging  advanced motion sensors, sophisticated robotic control algorithms, on-board computers, real-time software, actuation motors, tailored rechargeable batteries and composite materials

ReWalk works with users – not just for them. Users walk with the assistance of crutches, controlling suit movement through subtle changes in center of gravity and upper-body movements. In addition to simplifying suit control, this user participation in mobility brings tangible health and emotional benefits. ReWalk is not just a vertical wheelchair – ReWalk restores the element of control over mobility so lacking for wheelchair users.

ReWalk can serve as a robotic therapeutic or physical training device, used for intensive functional locomotion therapy.


  • All day usage
  • Mobility – walking, sit-to-stand, stand-to-sit, climb stairs, ascending/descending slopes, driving
  • Training – replacing other training equipment at home and at rehabilitation center

It would be great to be able to spend a lot of the day up on my feet, and WALKING! It will help the nerves reconnect and new pathways develop (like treadmill training has been proved to do). It would take time to be able to learn to do it, but I could get there. It could become an Olympic sport, a line of robots for the 100m! It has different buttons you press for steps up, steps down, walking, getting up, sitting down. It sounds very clever. I wonder if they could put a few extra buttons for me. For example: Dance to Single Ladies (Beyonce), then maybe a run like hell button, maybe a jump button too…..now that could be fun!!

I have put money raised by the recent events to the side for a hydropool, and the ReWalk is what i would love to get next year, if it is possible.

I am excited about it, it will be brilliant rehab as well as just feeling great to be tall again . I shall keep working on my core as that needs to be strong enough. They say it is for injuries T6 and below, but the also say that for mono skiing. I am T4 but that is not going to stop me.

My good friend, Ruth Matthews and I have been planning this years Summer Shenanigans. It is on the 5th June this year in aid of Matt Hampson Trust, my Walk Campaign and Leics & Rutland Air Ambulance. It should be a great night, I am going to be there this year!! (Last year I had a sick bug!!)

Thanks for the support


MARS Refuel Training Award

I am very grateful to MARS refuel for choosing me as one of their athletes for a £500 award.

I entered on their website, I had to say what the money would be spent on and who it would help. I also attached a video.

I had the perfect video of me wiping some poor skier out, and said I would spend it on training, and not only would this help me but save peoples lives. They then called me to say I was on the short list and then a couple of days later I received an email saying I had won.

I am going for an assessment weekend with the British disabled ski team in August, I would love to get on the development squad and get into racing. It will be so similar to leaving the start box cross country,  something I really miss. Bring on ski racing… wahoooo!!!

I am tying to learn to jump too… I can take off fine but do not always land the right way up!!! I am sure eventually I will learn!

Dan and I had a great time skiing with Cat at Hemel Hempstead…. which is where we made a jump to practice. I was a little stiff and sore the next day but it was great fun. If I can’t jump on a horse… I shall jump on my mono!


This weekend is the hog roast, and the forecast is good. It is now at Eye Kettleby Lakes.

I shall report on that next week.